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Installed on a trailer, it can be moved to different locations that need temporary or permanent surveillance.

Four shoes guarantee total stability and safety to the Cabin’s occupants.

Fully autonomous, generates its own energy and can be used in any environment.

The Mobile Elevating Surveillance Cabin (MESC) rises to 9 meters in height and allows a 360º view, recording day or night images, and allowing monitoring of risk situations.

How it Works

The support and guidance equipment for teams at ground level provides comfort to the guard and armor against aggressors.

The MESC is equipped with air conditioning and has the option of incorporating a bathroom for the use of the guard.

Equipment for multiple uses

Equipment for use in industrial, metallurgical, telephone, agribusiness, hospital, railroad, mining and shopping center sectors, and others.

·        Football games (stadium parking);

·        Sporting events held with a large crowd;

·        Regional shows and festivals, such as New Year, Carnival;

·        Traffic control and flow of people in cities with a large circulation of tourists;

·        Custom demand see scope;

  • Traffic control on highways.
Cabine de Vigilância

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